Top 4 Best Android Emulators For PC

Top 4 Best Android Emulators For PC written by: apex009

You might have heard of enjoying Android Games and also testing applications on PC by using software program. This software is known as Android Emulator. It is actually a virtual portable device which runs on your computer and enables you to develop and also test android apps on a computer.

There are many legitimate reasons why someone might wish to run Android emulators on their computers. Application developers might be trying to check their application prior to shipping it out. Game enthusiasts might want to use a mouse as well as a keyboard on their games. You may simply want it there to have it. Whatever the case, Android emulation on a computer is feasible and we are going to have a look at the best Android emulators for PC.


AMIDuOS is probably the best Android emulator on the market. This one is available in two flavors: Lollipop and also Jelly Bean. Besides the version type, the other difference amongst the two is that Jelly Bean will cost only $10 whilst Lollipop costs $15 and these are 1-time charges which is sort of nice. AMIDuOS functions quite nicely. It is a smooth emulator which does stuff like productivity and gaming very well. The majority of the users must be able to use this for virtually whatever they require it for and the installation procedure isn’t bad in any way. Obviously, it is not excessively great for developers because it doesn’t provide you with device-specific configurations; however, on a customer level, this works perfectly. It offers a user-friendly result.

2. Andy

Next on our list is a totally free emulator named Andy. While it first arrived it did have a few issues, but it still was able to prove itself as a competent alternative to apps such as Bluestacks. It runs basically the whole range of the Android experience which includes launchers, productivity apps, games, and you can also set up root access if required. It has resolved virtually all of its earlier issues. Whatever the case, it is totally free and does its work quite nicely. Andy OS happens to be a full featured mobile OS that operates on virtually any Windows or Mac PC, as well as in the Cloud, while keeping you updated with the most recent Android OS feature advancements. It also offers users limitless PC compatibility, storage capacity, and the independence to run the most well-known Android applications on a desktop.

3. Bluestacks

It is among the best android emulators one has ever used. It offers a better experience as well as a great android cinema. It is simple to download apps and also games with only your internet connection. It is utilized by individuals who wish to play Android games on their gadgets and for that, the service really does very well. You may get it free of charge but from time to time, the service will be downloading sponsored applications onto your machine which you can generally uninstall.

4. Nox

The next best Android emulator that we will mention in this list will be Nox which is meant to serve the gamers. This consists of utilities as well as additions which are particularly catered to assisting game enthusiasts to control their games utilizing their mouse and keyboard. This includes things such as the capability to assign “swipe right” to, for example, an arrow key and replicate real gesture movements on your joystick or keyboard directly. It’s lots of fun and looks like it works rather well in most cases. It is also completely free.